The staff here is very accommodating, they go out of the way to help. Here is an example: it was my wife and I 60th wedding anniversary I was not able to be home to celebrate. So, my son brought dinner in for my wife, and I shared it together. One of the aids noticed we were about to use plastic utensils; she went out of her way to get us silverware from the kitchen for us to use instead. That was not something she had to do or that we asked for, she took it upon herself, that meant so much to my wife and me. The staff stops in everyday to check on me and say hello, we laugh and talk. Therapy listened to what I had to say, they put up with me when I was a pain. I am incredibly pleased with the results. The nurse practitioner Sue is always there, you can depend on her. The team spoiled me, I will miss the staff they were good to me. My wife and I wish them all much success in all the future.

Robert Childs

My stay here was very good. The staff was kind to me and took care of me during my stay. The food was fantastic, I especially enjoyed the eggs, they were so fluffy. I did a lot in therapy, they helped me get stronger so I could go home. My nurse carol should be recognized for her wonderful care, she is really nice, and is an excellent nurse. My wife and I are thankful for the care I received.

Samuel Bennet

My experience at Mt Holly Rehab Center has always been a positive experience for me. I’ve been to another and am always pleased with the compassion & professionalism of the care here. Several have highlighted in my stay here, some new and others familiar. A new “rising star” is Tyson Little. His service was exemplary from the very beginning. A definite asset to the company. I appreciated Ryan, an aide and several nurses, Eileen, Carol, Chastity. I remember Eileen especially from times before. Carol new to me, and Chastity from another facility. I truly was blessed by the presence of Lee, Jamie and last but NOT LEAST Monique! God bless you all Keep up the good work.

Cheryl Asher

My wife and I wanted to thank the staff for making my wife’s stay enjoyable and efficient. We would like to thank the physical therapy staff, especially April, for her dedication and commitment to achieve her goals of having my wife stand and transition from her hospital bed to the wheelchair, in addition, from the Gerri chair to the wheelchair. We would like to thank the Maple community staff for their professionalism when assisting the residents.

Constance & Frank Marzullo

To start off with, yes, I would recommend Mount Holly Rehab to others. Overall, I enjoyed the food and the therapy I received was very good! I also appreciated the fact that you have a ambassador program. My ambassador, Roman, was very good. He visited often and followed up on anything I needed. Having him come daily made my family feel better about me being here. Shawnda our CNA is excellent! She was right there whenever we needed her. Another thing I appreciated is the fact that my family could bring in my dogs from home. Being able to see them was really nice.

Virginia Stibler

I will start off saying I would highly recommend. The nurses and CNAs were excellent, they seem to magically anticipate what you may want or need. They are always caring for patients and always active. Therapy same as above, very knowledgeable and helpful. Dietary was unbelievable, I enjoyed the meals plus they had a variety to choose from. The meals were delivered and removed from my room pleasantly and courteously. The concierge was a very big help during my stay, I apologize if I missed any group. Everyone here was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I want to thank the entire team for helping me get better.

Rita Salzman

First I would say is the care here is very good. Staff is very friendly. If I need anything they come to help me. The staff here makes me feel safe and comfortable. I had a 70th class reunion to go to. This gave me the chance to go to the beauty salon. The stylist did a wonderful job. I was really happy with how she did my hair. Enjoyed the activities. They have musicians come in to sing and they were wonderful! The biggest thing I can express is I simply enjoyed my stay at Mount Holly Rehab and I would recommend them.

Rose Pullen

Staff was very attentive to my needs. Nurses were pleasant and explained all meds I was given. Aids were very helpful and even offered tips so I could be more independent. PT was kept fun in getting me motivated to achieve a fast recovery. After being in rehab myself I have a new respect for what the entire staff goes through on a daily basis. Thank you for your help.

Lewis Meredith

My mom was here some years ago. She came for rehab and was so happy with the staff and the care she received she decided to stay as a long-term patient. She was very happy while living here. It gave the family such peace knowing she was happy. This is the reason I decided to come here for rehab myself. Even after all these years the staff is great and are all very nice. If they can help you with anything they are there for you without you having to ask. Rehab was great. They helped me so much. Me being able to walk was very inspirational.

Christine Brown

I’d like to thank Yolanda who stopped by to ensure I had my meals the way I liked them. She brightened her visits dressed beautifully and stayed a few minutes for pleasant chats. Shanda, my evening aide was a delight! She was perky, always pleasant, and helpful. She gave me the only shower I had in a month so she was my #1 hero. Therapy sessions were very helpful and appreciated. Nursing staff from all shifts were attentive and helpful. My thanks to all.

LoVerne Kasper

I was here 20 years ago for a total hip replacement, so I decided to come back here again. I had a choice of another location, both had good reviews, but I chose Mount Holly Rehab. I was not disappointed in my decision; I was satisfied with the facility 20 years ago and I am still satisfied. Staff is very accommodating; if I needed anything or help staff was there, Therapy worked on my balance and got me going! I would recommend others to this facility. If I had to put it in one word, I would say accommodating!

Richard Mathes

I want to thank all the therapists that helped me achieve my goal. All of the therapists at Mount Holly Rehab and Healthcare are doing an excellent job and I would highly recommend. Thanks to all.

Luisa Rogers

My care was fantastic from nurses to the housekeeping staff. Rooms are comfortable. Housekeeping does a wonderful job keeping everything clean and smelling good. Therapy staff was right on track 3 times a day. They are outstanding and very respectful to me. I went from not being able to walk at all to being able to walk with a walker. I would recommend Mount Holly Rehab to anyone.

Michael Madden

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